Living with Diabetes can be rough. The Happy Fun Time Diabetes Club is designed to get fellow diabetics (and their friends and family) together in order to share their stories and experiences.

The HFTDC is NOT a group of medical professionals or doctors. Any information, advice, or plans for managing diabetes needs to be checked out with a doctor and your endocrinologist.

The HFTDC is ALSO NOT a psychological support group; we are people who live with diabetes who can sympathize but not diagnose nor singularly attack depression, etc.

With that said, the HFTDC IS about living positively, healthily, and providing a community of strong individuals who are there for one another in our diabetic lives.

Current Branches

If you are not in one of the above locations, please send me an email and we'll start a new branch!


The general plan for the HFTDC is to have weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly meets of diabetics of any type within an area. So far we're having good luck meeting at Bertucci's, which has a variety of locations and a full sheet of nutritional information for everything they serve. We are also organizing walks in outdoor parks to try and get out into nature and get that insulin resistance down a bit.

Social Media

For anyone who wants to follow the general happenings of the organization, or for a chance to feed back on those particular networks about general HFTDC happenings or developments, you can now Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Google+.